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membership opportunities

The North Manitou Light Keepers are eager to welcome you along on our quest to restore and preserve the North Manitou Shoal Light, aka The Crib.

You can join us as a member or make a contribution to our Campaign for The Crib --- either online, in person, or by downloading our membership form and mailing it to us with your contribution.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or to inquire about donating goods and services to our efforts.
You can reach us at We look forward to working together! Thank you!

Copy of Lake Level Membership.png

lake level membership $50

Includes annual membership, regular newsletter and updates, and an official NMLK logo sticker.

Copy of Lake Level Membership-2.png

crib level membership $100

Same as Lake Level Membership, plus an official NMLK logo t-shirt.

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Lightkeeper membership $250

Same as Crib Level Membership, plus an official NMLK logo hat.


campaign for the crib

Contributors to the Campaign for the Crib! at the levels identified below will receive:

Over $1,000:   Annual membership, and donor recognition on our website and newsletters.
Over $5,000:   Same as above, plus prominent donor recognition on the lighthouse.
Over $25,000:  We would love to discuss options to fund parts of the restoration and related special donor benefits, such as naming opportunities and special events.