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The North Manitou Light Keepers are eager to welcome you along on our mission to restore and preserve the North Manitou Shoal Light, aka The Crib.

You can join us as a member or make a contribution to our Campaign for The Crib! --- either online, in person, or by downloading our membership form and mailing it to us with your contribution. Our founding members have pledged to cover our administrative costs; therefore, 100% of your contributions will go toward the restoration of The Crib.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or to inquire about donating goods and services to our efforts. You can reach us at 
We look forward to working together! Thank you!

north manitou light keepers, inc. (NMLK) is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization.

donations to nmlk are tax deductible as allowed by law.


campaign for the crib!: window restoration

As part of our preservation efforts, we are restoring and replacing each of the 22 rectangular exterior windows located around the first two floors the lighthouse.  This costs $5,000 per window, and we are looking for new or existing team members to help put windows back in the Crib.  Your donation of $5,000 per window (buy as many as you like!) will earn you a nameplate near the window and the pride of fixing a particular piece of the lighthouse while opening it up to new sunlight!

These windows originally were installed in 1935, and have been covered by metal plates since 1980.  We removed the windows when we began the job of repainting the lighthouse exterior (which we completed this summer).  Each window now is being carefully restored, through a process of glass removal, cleaning, repainting, and glass replacement.  After their restoration, the windows will be put back in the Crib!

With your contribution you will receive annual membership to NMLK.

Membership Categories

Please see below for our membership categories and benefits:

Lake Level Membership.png


lake level membership $50

  • annual membership

  • member newsletter and updates

  • official NMLK logo sticker

Copy of Lake Level Membership.png


crib level membership $100

  • All Lake Level Membership benefits

  • official NMLK logo t-shirt

Copy of Copy of Lake Level Membership.png
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Lake Level Membership.png


Lightkeeper membership $250

  • All Crib Level Membership benefits

  • official NMLK logo hat.



campaign for the crib

We are really excited about offering this opportunity to make a one time contribution to our Campaign for the Crib! 100% of your contribution dollars will go directly toward restoration efforts.

Any level of contribution is welcome and will be graciously accepted.

Every dollar counts, and again, will go directly toward funding the restoration of the Crib. Thank you and Shine on!

Contributors to the Campaign for the Crib! at the levels identified below will receive:

Over $1,000:   Annual membership, and donor recognition on our website and newsletters.
Over $5,000:   Same as above, plus prominent donor recognition on the lighthouse.
Over $25,000:  We would love to discuss options to fund parts of the restoration and related special donor benefits, such as naming opportunities and special events.

Make a contribution to the Campaign for the Crib!